The perfect (elevator) pitch
Formation par Andrew Goldner, legal adviser, business booster

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Too many startups are nipped in the bud for lack of seducing enough investors and clients. The way you present your startup is just as important as your idea and product… There is nothing like a strong pitch to convince your audience. It’s a skill all startuppers must master quickly. Pitching for investors, clients, partners, journalists… there is no way around this complicated exercise which you will need in all sorts of situations. It has even conquered the world of big companies who also like pitching, in the sense of short and successful presentations, as opposed to dull presentations that can ruin communication within a company. How should you pitch? What should you say? How can you be convincing? And how should you illustrate your pitch all the while avoiding “death by PowerPoint”? To sharpen your speech and keep your audience awake, pitch expert Andrew Goldner has created a course tailor-made for your needs.

Andrew Goldner, legal adviser, business booster
Andrew Goldner studied law and finance and started his career in an Internet pioneer company. After many experiences in tech and media companies, he founded GrowthX in 2015. It is a transversal company that offers investment, training, market development and strategic innovation.

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