Startup : developping your network
Formation par Kelly Hoey, businesswoman, dream network creator

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You must learn how to create and develop a network, especially if you run a startup company and you juggle clients, investors, journalists, partners and suppliers. A strong network can help you get over any difficult situation, give you key information on your market, land you new partnerships… And yet, the art of networking is often overlooked. To help you build your network, avoid tight spots and master the codes, Kelly Hoey will give you precious advice. The goal? Learning how to network and find new opportunities. A must-see!

Kelly Hoey, businesswoman, dream network creator
Kelly Hoey started her career as a legal expert. Along the years, she developed her networking skills and became president of the “85 Broads” female networking group. She even wrote a book called Build Your Dream Network and thus became one of most influential women in investment, business and the tech world.

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