Managing your programmers' team
Formation par Scott Davis, programmer, CEO and team leader

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With the right organization and clear goals, a tech team can move mountains. Zenly, Stripe, Criteo… many startups were able to prepare for the best and create engineering armies. Yet, many entrepreneurs, newbie CTOs, have had a hard time communicating with their tech teams. Recruiting the right programmer, motivating your tech team, using the right management tools… so many critical early steps. To help you start on the right foot, talented programmer Scott Davis will give you his best tips. No prattle, just practical examples and useable advice. A must-see.

Scott Davis, programmer, CEO and team leader
Scott Davis studied New Venture Management. After a career in consulting and software development, Scott founded QONQR, a very successful and award-winning mobile gaming company. He now runs it while teaching IT management, technology entrepreneurship, software development and gaming.

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