Lean startup : building your MVP
Formation par Eric Ries, Entrepreneur, author

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It may sound like a New Age religion, but don’t worry, it’s nothing like that. Conceptualized by the American businessman Eric Ries, lean startup has imposed itself has a reference method for such famous startups as Dropbox, Airbnb or Hotmail, within only a few years. Why is that? Because it’s a method based on quick iteration cycles – which is ideal to promptly approve an idea without wasting any time or money. In this course, Eric Ries will take you back to the origins of lean startup – and he is the Pope of the concept. The goal? Rolling up your sleeves and learning how to build to Minimum Viable Products and gather users’ feedback to iterate an efficient product. And now, play on!

Eric Ries,  Entrepreneur, author
After graduating from Yale University, Eric Ries started his career in the Silicon Valley – first as a computer engineer, and then as the founder of the IMVU social network. He is now an entrepreneur in residence at Harvard Business School. He has written the best seller “Lean Startup” which has become a must-read for all good entrepreneurs.

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