Creating scalable business in your startup
Formation par Andrew Kanter, Invoke Capital

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Scalability? What is that? In the startup field, it is just impossible to overlook this key concept. It has become any good startupper’s watchword. Scalability is what allows your startup to grow quickly, using minimum resources within a minimum period of time. It allows your company to grow to 10 or 20 times its size without sacrificing your profitability… So, pretty important! Ridejoy, Airbnb, Alibaba…all startups swear only by this concept. To ensure the success of this buildup in operations, Campus will tell you all about scalability. The goal? Thinking “scalable” from the very beginning and turning your startup into a war machine.

Andrew Kanter, Invoke Capital
Andrew served as COO and General Counsel of Autonomy for 12 years, where he led its global legal and operations functions. He is a founding partner of Invoke Capital. In a prior life Andy was an attorney in San Francisco and London, specialising in venture capital, international M&A and corporate finance. Andrew also served as Clerk of Hon. Christine Miller of the US Court of Federal Claims, Washington D.C. Education was at the University of Southern California Law Center and John Hopkins University, and studies in Japan.

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