Communication : hacking your PR
Formation par Sharon Pope, , Businesswoman, PR queen

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Making the cover of Forbes Magazine, getting an article on TechCrunch, landing an invitation to a popular show… All startups dream of visibility. Press Relations are an important reputation conveyer for the general public. They are often an essential part of a communication strategy and can turn out to be quite complicated! If they don’t know about their environment or don’t have a specific press strategy, young entrepreneurs may quickly wear themselves out or make many mistakes instead of generating positive feedback. PR expert Sharon Pope, who works for the famous Californian incubator Y Combinator, gives you the golden rules to follow to rock your PR strategy!

Sharon Pope, , Businesswoman, PR queen
Sharon Pope is fascinated with the world of startups and works in the Silicon Valley. She is the head of programs and marketing in the famous Californian incubator Y Combinator. Pope skillfully teaches precious lessons to startups worldwide. Her specialty? Press Relations which she knows to the last details.

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