Care : the lifeblood of startups
Formation par Oussama Amar, Co founder of Thefamily

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It is five times more expansive to find clients than to keep them… Behind this saying hides a tough reality: caring in strategic in a startup. It lays the foundation of a good reputation, provides recommendations and reflects on every level of the company culture. Some startups have become known for their incredible caring skills. You want to take good care of your clients? Dive into this course with Oussama Ammar, co-founder of TheFamily and expert on the subject. He will tell you about the key principles of caring and the first tips to build your rep and ensure recommendations. And now, play on!

Oussama Amar, Co founder of Thefamily
Oussama Ammar is an investor and businessman. A self-taught tech-prodigy, he creates his first website at 13 and sells his first company at 19. After his first bankruptcy, he doesn’t give up and co-founds TheFamily, a Silicon Valley-inspired investment fund dedicated to French high-tech startups. At only 29, he is a business expert and helps young start-uppers to become successful businessmen-women.

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