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Ajouté : septembre 2016

Expert: Nicole

Catégorie : Business

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Boost your skills and confidence in speaking English with an experienced coach from New York.

Speaking, or conversation, is a key skill in language learning. It requires practice and active participation.

Let me help you set and achieve your English-speaking goals, whether they are for professional or personal development, for travel abroad, or for something else altogether.

My specialties include:

  • Conversational coaching at all levels

  • Business and academic communication (emails, letters, invoices, reports)

  • Travel survival

  • Public speaking and presentations (PPT, Prezi)

My background includes:

  • An Ivy League degree from a US university (Cornell University, New York)

  • 16 years working on a university project that included presentations and daily communications with a global audience in higher education, science, R & D, and publishing

  • Language learning (Spanish, C1; French, B1; greetings and survival travel phrases in other languages)

  • International travel

  • 9 years as an expatriate, first in Latin America and now in France

I know full well the uphill climb of learning a new language, but also how fun the journey can be, and then how incredibly satisfying it is when you finally 'get it' and can carry on a conversation in that other language. Let me support you on that journey.

Contact me now to arrange your first session!